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Vig·il (vjl) BE VIGILANT. The Vigil is a collective Action. Twice a Year. Reduce your spending with prison profiteers. Focus spending on organizations that offer: EDUCATION. REHABILITATION. RESTORATION.

Turns out THIS is who's eating your tax dollars...

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Vig·il (vjl) - a period of wakefulness. MOVE YOUR MONEY AWAY from Corporate Prisons and Toward: Legal Aid Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, Restorative Justice Programs and Job Creation to change a failing system. WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW.

Profiting From The War On Drugs

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Vig·il (vjl) - to stand guard.


How will you Vigil? What did you do during the Vigil Month?

Tell Us Your Story.

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A Concept, Action and Plan to End the Prison Cycle

What is the Vigil?


Stop or Reduce your spending with Corporations that exploit prisons, families, victims and the public.


Start spending on rehabilitation, education and restoration.


Prisons are failing and endangering the public by fueling the conditions that cause repeat crime.


End the Prison Cycle.  Change your spending to change the system. HERE's HOW

News & Features

The crime of being poor

Milk Crate By Phong Le Australia

AlterNet / By Tana Ganeva 2 Years in Jail for Sitting on a Milk Crate? The Shocking Ways America Punishes …

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An Alternative to Jails

Screen Shot 2013 02 22 At 6.56.45 PM

How Prison Life Contributes to Violence on the Streets of Chicago Posted: 02/21/2013 10:21 am / Tio Hardiman Most of …

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AT&T to pay prisoners’ families $45 million

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 At 12.22.43 AM

AT&T to pay Washington prisoners’ families $45 million in telephone class action settlement Posted by Jonathan Martin UPDATED 3:50 p.m. …

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